Real-Time Analytics

Our Emergent Behaviour Platform is a complementary suite of general-purpose and custom programmable SaaS components designed to securely store, retrieve and analyse topic-based real-time events at enormous scale.
Our office
We have sites in the UK and mainland Europe but our office in Wiltshire remains the conceptual centre of our operations and development infrastructure.

Matilda Peak
Brinkworth House
Wiltshire, UK
SN15 5DF
The team
Let us introduce the key members of our team.
We provide decades of professional software and hardware development experience.
Experience that spans research, commercial and military environments and applications.

Alan Christie

A co-founder with a background in hardware design, Alan's extensive commercial and military application experience has been a key factor creating the EBP we see today - a rich, scalable, powerful and novel platform.

Tony Ash

A co-founder with a background in micro-services and distributed message-based frameworks, Tony provides Matilda Peak with valuable and proven commercial development experience.